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Quartz Cuvette, Glass Cuvette & Cells..

Looking for Best Price & Best Quality Cuvette & Cells..  ..Just Ask!!

       Over 400 Sizes and Types Available..Special Size Can be made.


We MxRady from India are trusted with supplying cuvettes and cells to universities, research establishments and leading commercial organisations worldwide. We offer a full range of high quality cuvettes and cells for use in a wide range of applications and instruments including the Spectrophotometer, Fluorometer, Tintometer and the Polarimeter.

Sourcing from MxRady you can be assured that the cuvette or cell that you procure will be of the highest manufacturing standards. All of the cuvettes and cells that we supply are produced only from the highest quality quartz and optical glass. Whether it is a glass cuvette or a UV cuvette, all of our products undergo a meticulous quality control system to ensure that they meet the highest industry standards and are compatible with most spectrophotometers and fluorometers on the market.

If you have any concerns or questions as to compatibility with your spectrophotometers or fluorometers please contact MxRady Lab Solutions for exact specifications on all of our cuvette products.

What is a Cuvette/Cell?

A Cuvette is a kind of laboratory glassware, usually a small square tube, sealed at one end, made of plastic, glass, or optical grade quartz and designed to hold samples for spectroscopic experiments.A cuvette (sample cell, absorption cell) is, in its basic level, fundamentally a test tube designed for use with optical analysis. Standard cuvettes are generally square or rectangular in cross section to avoid refraction artefacts. Depending on what part of the spectrum is under consideration, they may be made of quartz or optical glass although plastic cuvettes do exist for less demanding measurements.

Types of Cuvette Available

We are supplying both standard glass cuvettes and UV cuvettes for 

1. Spectrophotometer 

2. Fluorometer

3. Tintometer 

4. Polarimeter

All of our cuvettes also come with a range of lids and stoppers including PTFE lids and PTFE stoppers.

Available in Three Premium Material

ES(UV) Quartz, Glass, IR Quartz


Wavelength Range


UV Quartz Standard Cuvettes Series

Wavelength range 190~2500nm


Infrared Quartz Standard Cuvettes Series

Wavelength range 250~3500nm


Visible Light Glass Cuvettes Series

Wavelength range 340~2500nm


Optical Glass Cuvettes

These cuvettes are made from Optical Glass which is suitable for transmission wavelengths from 340nm to 2,500nm and are available in a range of path lengths.

UV Quartz Cuvettes

UV quartz cuvettes for UV light are suitable for transmission wavelengths from 190nm to 2,500nm and are also available in a range of path lengths.

IR Quartz Cuvettes

IR quartz cuvettes are suitable for wavelengths from 250nm to 3,500nm.

1.Micro fluorometer cell
2.Micro cell with frosted walls
3.Micro cell with black walls
4.Self masking continuous flow through cell
5.Cylindrical cell
6.Absorption rectangular
7.Rectangular with screw cap
8.Long Outlet Cylindrical
9.Cells for reflection measurements

If you can’t find what you are looking for, we can also supply custom cuvettes to match your design and exact specifications. Contact us today for specifications or for more information on our customised service.

Why only MxRady Cells/Cuvettes?

We are your best option against other companies like NSG, Spectrocell or Hellma. We understand today's need of high quality supplies for your laboratory and that laboratories are in a budget, so we provide you quality cells at a very affordable price.

Why Our Cuvettes Are Best?

Characters of Fire Fused Cuvettes:

1. The connected sides of this cell are contacted by using fire flame or thermal fusing. It overcomes the shortcomings of the glued and fritted assembling methods.

2. The fused cell with high quality does not affect the surface quality during fire fusing. The connected sides are highly transparent with a nice exterior and greatly promote the rate of      products with high quality.

3. The high precision parallel of optical path and the precision of light path keep the tolerance of light path within the range of ±0.1mm,assure to be used for a long time and have a good    entirety without leaking.

4. This cell has a good acid-proof, alkali-proof and organic-proof solvent property. The coherent sides fuse into one, and can’t adhere to any testing materials and make any cross pollution.

5. The products are well consistent and well matched.

**All Cuvettes Are Supplied with MATCHED PAIR CERTIFICATE, in Gift Box Packing.

 Thank you for visiting and we look forward to serving you. Remember that we always offer you the best prices for all our products, just ask!!

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