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Projection Vein Finder AR500S

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Projection Vein Finder AR500S 
The AR500S  vein finder allows veins to be quickly and precisely displayed up to a depth of 8mm. The network of veins is directly projected onto the patient's skin using a DLP projector. This makes venipuncture easy even for patients with very difficult vein conditions. Besides displaying veins before taking blood, this mobile infrared vein finder is also suitable for assessing subcutaneous bleeding, varicosities and spider veins. The size of the projection field can be reduced when displaying veins on babies and children.
With its compact dimensions, light weight and rechargeable li-ion battery, the AR500S is easy to transport and ideal for mobile use, for instance in hospitals or during house calls. 

  • Model: AR500S
  • Projects the vein network on the skin surface
  • Facilitates venipuncture and permits an assessment of subcutaneous bleeding, varicosities and spider veins
  • Ideal for mobile use (in hospital or for house visits)
  • Displays veins down to a depth of 8mm
  • With li-ion rechargeable battery
  • Very easy to use
  • Suitable for use with adults, children, babies and newborns
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Two different projection field sizes (for adults or children)
  • 4 display options: Normal mode, Green light mode, Recognition depth mode, Reverse mode
Technical details 

Technical Parameters 



Adjustable brightness

Infrared wavelength

940nm & 850nm 

Optimal imaging distance

210mm ± 30mm

Image resolution 

856 * 480 pixel

 Power source 

Rechargeable Lithium battery or AC




213mm * 65mm * 62mm

Display modes overview
  • Normal mode: veins are displayed in dark colours, background in light
  • Reverse mode: reversed display: veins are light, background dark
  • Green mode: veins are displayed in light green and background is faded out
  • Recognition depth mode: veins are displayed in dark colours, and the background in light. In addition, the depth of the veins is projected on the skin using a green scale. 1 bar: 0-2mm deep, 2 bars: 2-5mm deep, 3 bars: deeper than 5mm

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