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2WAJ-T Abbe Refractometer With Digital Thermometer

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2WAJ-T Abbe Refractometer With Digital Thermometer

The ABBE Refractomer provides a quick and easy means for determining the refractive index ND and mean dispersion nF-nC of liquids (transparent/translucent) and solids, mainly the transparent liquids. Connected with a constant-temperature bath, it can measure the refractive index ND within the temperature 0-70 degree. It can also measure the Brix percentage of sugar solution.
The refractometer is equipped with hose connections at the prism unit for the thermostatisation of the optical parts. The temperature is measured with a digital thermometer.


Measuring range of  refractive index

ND 1.3001.700

Measuring precision of refractive index

ND 0.0002

Min. division value of refractive index


Measuring range of sugar consistence


Min. division value of sugar consistence


Weight of instrument



This instrument is the oil industry, pharmaceutical industry, building paint industry, food industry, daily-use chemical industry, sugar industry and geological survey of the factory and so on, teaching and scientific research units indispensable one of the commonly used equipment. 

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