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Adblue & Urea refractometer ERAB-501 ATC

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The AdBlue refractometer  ERAB-501 ATC is a new hand held refractometer developed to address the growing need to check the urea concentration in AdBlue.Escalating urea prices have driven the cost of operating an SCR higher than ever before. Regretfully this has led to a new wave of problems where supplies of diluted AdBlue have found their way in to the market.Often rebranded ‘Automotive urea solution’ to eliminate the risk of prosecution by trading standards (as a mix of less than 31.8% urea cannot be labelled AdBlue). Victims of this weaker concentration may not be able to seek compensation under the Trades Description Act.

Adblue& Urea Refractometer/Antifreeze/Battery/Cleaning fluid

Measurement Range

Min. Div.


Urea: 30%-35%
Ethylene Glycol: -50'~0°C

Propylene Glycol: -50'~0°C        

Cleaning Fluids: -40'~10°C      

Battery Fluids: 1.100~1.300sg 

Urea: ±0.5%
Ethylene Glycol: ±5°C    

Propylene Glycol:±5°C        

Cleaning Fluids: ±5°C      

Battery Fluids: ±0.01sg 




·         Adblue: 30%--35%

·         Ethylene Glycol:-50°C-0°C

·         Propylene Glycol:-50°C-0°C.

·         Cleaning Fluids:-40°C-0°C.Battery Fluids:1.100-1.400sg.

·         Resolution Factor:0.5% 5°C,5°C,5°C,0.01sg.

·         Temperature Compensation Range:10°C-30°C (ATC).



1.       One AdBlue Refractometer with ATC.

2.       One Pipette.

3.       One Mini Screw driver.

4.       Carrying case.

5.       Operations Manual.Standard Factory Packaging Box.



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