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Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer, MXP-5310

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Part Number:MXP-5310


MxRady presents a wide range of Quality Equipments required in day-to-day function of a Chemical Laboratory to Advanced Instruments used for Quality Assurance/Control and Research.Our Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer offers a State-of-the-art technology bundled with many features as a complete economical package.


·         Advance technology for intelligent stray light measure and correction Original Optical Noise Reduction & Automatic measurement and stray light dynamic detected without any reference materials and incremental cost. 

·         It improves instrument’s optical performance, optical precision, linear range and background correction effectively Develop internal lamp control technology. 

·         It makes normal hallow cathode lamps self-absorption background correction possible without and influence to instrument's stability. 

·         Meanwhile it will prolong working life of the lamps. Normal hallow cathode lamps are highly economical than special lamps  Original''Hg lamp-regent'' gradient measurement. 

·         cation. This technology provided a fast and economic method for instrument self testing system. we established an exact mathematical model to estimate “single beam linear and balance"speci

·         It also established a brand new method to improve instrument's detection Performance.

·         Numerous technological innovation and renewal such as design asthetics, element lamp multdimensional automatic adjustment system, gas path electronics functional and modular design,No-adjustment D-lamp holder and so on.


1.      Graphite Furnace.

2.      Auto-Sampler for Graphite Furnace.

3.      Hydride Generator.

4.      Wide range of Hollow-Cathode Lamps(Single/Multi Element )available on request.

Product Specification

Model Number/Name




Optical System

Single Beam Reflection Achromatic Optics System


No Display, Readings through PC



Wavelength Range

190-900 nm


700X420X550 mm

Band width

0.1,0.2,0.4,1nm(4 step auto switching)

Baseline Flatness

(Cu) 0.003A/30min


Standard 4 lamp turret . ( 1 for measurement , 3 in warm-up mode ) Option - 6 Lamp / 8 Lamp Turret

Photometric Range

0-125%, -0.1-3.00A

Power Requirement

AC 220 V, 50 Hz without sharp fluctuations.

Minimum Order Quantity

1 Piece

 Product Description

·         Instrument Type - Single Beam Reflection Achromatic Optics System.

·         Monochromator - Aberration Corrected Czerny-Turner.

·         Dispersion elements - Grating system 1200 line/mm characterizationarea 40mm2 Scintillation wavelength 250nm.

·         Bandwidth - 0.1,0.2,0.4,1nm(4 step auto switching).

·         Wavelength Range - 190-900 NM.

·         Wavelength Accuracy - ±0.2NM.

·         Wavelength Repeatability - ±0.1 nm max.

·         Resolution - Min 3 lines (279.5 & 279.8 peak and Valley ).

·         HCL housing - Standard 4 lamp turret .( 1 for measurement , 3 in warm-up mode )Option :- 6 Lamp / 8 Lamp Turret.

·         Gas control - Automatic control & optimization (flow/pressure).

·         Safety measures - Gas Leak check, prevention of gas release whenflame dies out, prevention of flashback through pressure monitoring.

·         Measurement - Aberration-corrected Czerny-Turner mounting

·         Photometric Range - 0-125%, -0.1-3.00A.

·         Static Baseline Drift - (Cu) +-0.003A/30min.

·         Dynamic Baseline Drif t - (Cu) +-0.006A/30min.

·         Background Correction - High speed self-reversal (BGC-SR) method: Highspeed D2 lamp method (BGC-D2).

·         Characteristic Concentration - (Cu) 0.025 µg/ml max.

·         Detection limit - (Cu) 0.004 µg/ml max.

·         Precision - RDS =0.5%.

·         Burner - Air cooled Titanium.

·         Nebulizer - High-efficient Nebulizer.

·         Spray chamber - Anticorrosion material.

·         Safety measures - Flame fuel gas, power assisted gas abnormal pressure protection.

·         Test Manner - Flame , flame emission.

·         Concentration - standard curve, standard addition, interpolation.

·         Times of repetitive - Measurement 1-30 times, Average Value of A&C Report Print parameters,date result.

·         Dimension & Weight(Flame)700×420×550 mm; 103 kg(approx.).

·         Power (Main unit - with(Flame) - AC 220 V ±10%, 50 Hz without sharp fluctuations.

·         Working Temperature range 10 C to 300 C.

·         Working Humidity range - 40% to 85%. 


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