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BEC-11A Conductivity Meter
BEC-11A Conductivity Meter
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BEC-11A Conductivity Meter

Part Number BEC-11A
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  • With 3 1/2 LED, display is clear and precision is high.
  • Electrode constant compensation.
  • Manual temperature compensation.
  • It is equipped with DJS-1C platinum black probe.

Technical parameters        
1.Measuring range: The measuring range is (0~2 x105)uS/cm.  The instrument has five ranges and can be changed through band switch by manual (by electrode with constant)


Measuring range


2 uS/cm

0.001~2 uS/cm

0.001 uS/cm

20 uS/cm

0.01~20 uS/cm


200 uS/cm

0.1~200 uS/cm


2 mS/cm



20 mS/cm

0.01~20 mS/cm


 NOTE: To measure high conductivity, a larger constant electrode is commonly used. If the conductivity is over 10000 uS/cm, the electrode with constant  of 10 cm-1 is used and the measuring range is extended to  2 x105uS/cm. 
2. Accuracy of the electronic unit:±1.0%(FS)±1bit                      
3.Accuracy of the meter:±1.5%(FS)±1bit                      
4. Range of Temp. compensation: 5-35?
5.Normal operation conditions:
  • Ambient temperature: (5-35)?
  • Relative humidity: not more than 85% 
  • Power source: 220V/110V
  • Without any notable vibration. 
  • No strong electromagnetic interference to surrounding except the geomagnetic field.

Included Accessaries  
  • DJS-1C Platinum-black Probe
  • Multi-function Electrode Holder
  • Fuse BGXP F5*20 0.5A
  • Universal Adapter   

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