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Breath Alcohol Analyzer / Breath Alcohol tester (KY8000)

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Part Number:KY8000

Product Features 

1.Electrochemical/Fuel cell sensor: Highly specificity to alcohol, unaffected by other possible breath contaminants.
2.Compact and Advanced Analysis Process: Assure fast, accurate and stable testing experience
3.Safe and Easy to Use:All measurement functions are controlled via a single key, while menu navigation is by three menu keys.
4.Memory Capacity: Able to store 20,000 test results. This data can be downloaded to a printer or PC.
5.Power Supply: Rechargeable lithium-ion cell. Able to work for 20 hours.
6.Big capacity RTC-BATT
7.Both active and passive sampling available.

Technical Data.


Technical Data

Principle of Measurement

Electrochemical Sensor, alcohol-specific

Measurement Range (BrAC)

0.000mg/L~2.500 mg/L


0.001 mg/L


Ethanol Vapor Concentration C / ( mg/L)


Max. Measuring error, in relation to the ethanol standard


±0.020 mg/L






Every 6 months

Temperature range Operation


Temperature range Storage


Optimum Storage Conditions

Temperature:20°C ±5°C?Humidity:<80%RH?Pressure:86kPa~106kPa

No vapor or electromagnetic disturbances in the environment are influencing the normal working conditions of the device

Blowing Time

3 seconds (breath flow:=20L/min)

Warm-up Time

6 seconds after switching on

Recovery Time

1-5 minutes, depends on Ethanol Vapor Concentration

Analysis Time

Less than 10 seconds


1.8 inch

Memory Capacity

Stores 20000 measured values with date and time

(data can be transferred to a PC or printer)

Communication Method for Printer


Dimensions(L x W x H)

Approx. 125mm×57mm×26.5mm

Operation Voltage

State of charging

State of operation

USB Port 5V

DC 3.6V~4.2 V


1100mAh/3.7V Lithium-ion-battery


Approx.142g(including battery)


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