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Digital CountDown & CountUp Timer, 99 Minutes: 59 Seconds | ERMA DT-1045

Part Number DT-1045
Digital CountDown & CountUp Timer, 99 Minutes: 59 Seconds | ERMA DT-1045
Digital CountDown & CountUp Timer, 99 Minutes: 59 Seconds | ERMA DT-1045
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(99 minutes : 59 seconds Count up & Count down Timer)

The ERMA DT-1045 is attractive looking and easy to use timer to prevent such catastrophes from happening. Sure, most modern cookers do have timers but the digits are usually small to read, the alarm not so loud and you cannot move the timer to the next room to keep an eye on it.

ERMA DT-1045 can count up and down so can be used as a stopwatch as well as a countdown timer, ideal for laboratories, experiments, cooking food, homework, gym workout, sports, games, time out (for kids), office and classroom timer activities.

The maximum time set is 99 minutes and 59 seconds. The timer will remember the last setting, which is useful for repetitive activities.


  • Large Display
  • Counts Up and Down (maximum 99 minutes 59 seconds)
  • Loud, Audible Alarm
  • Magnetic Backing and Retractable Stand
  • On/Offf Switch to increase Battery Life
  • Attractive Design
  • Very Easy to Use
  • Memory (remembers last setting used)
  • Dimensions 80x75x20mm


NO MORE ANNOYING BEEPING: when setting the timer (as most do!)

STABILISER: for one-handed use when on the refrigerator

IMPROVED: kick-out stand, more durable

STRONGER: magnets to prevent slippage

LARGER: on/off switch

IMPROVED: battery compartment

ON/OFF: Switch to increase Battery life


Take Medicine on Time                                                 Cooking Timer

No more worries about the elder forgetting their                                    ERMA DT-1045 Timer will be a perfect helper for

pills. Characteristic of having large screen display                                 your cooking.Now refuse to burned food and  

bold font, and big buttons, the timer is simple and                                 initiate your professional cooking career.                                                      


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