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H-16-HIL-9052 Heating Incubator LCD display

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Part Number:H-16-HIL-9052
  • Hommization
  • Large LCD screen to display more data at same time, menu interface, easy to understand,observe and operate Polished stainless-steel chamber,semicircular arcs at corners for easy cleaning,and the space between the shelves in the chamber is adjustable
  • Unique air flue cyclic system to ensure the temperature in workroom uniformity.There is a 25mm instruction connection hole on the left side of the chamber for easy testing operation and temperature measurement. 
  • Quality Guarantee
  • Dim PID controller(with timing function), accurate temperature controlling,the maximum timing value is 99 hours 99 mins
  • Programmable controller can simplify complicated experiment process to realize automatically control and work(Option)
  • Auto-controller of fan speed 
  • Auto-controller of fan speed to prevent damage to the samples
  • Self-check Function
  • Self-check function easy to identify problems
  • Easy to process data(Option)
  • RS485 connector and USB connector can connect computer or printer to record the parameters and the variations of temperature(Option)
  • Safety
  • Independent temperature-limiting alarm system and acousto-optic alarm ensures experiments run safely.(Option)
  • The temperature is too low or overheat alarm

Heating Incubator
LCD display


Dimensions(cm)69*50*50;Packing size:79*65*65cm;Weight:5kg;Temperature set range:RT+5-65℃,Power consumption:250W,lnner dimension:350×320×350                   


Dimensions(cm)69*50*50;Packing size:79*65*65cm;Weight:5kg;Temperature set range:RT+5-65℃,Power consumption:350W,lnner dimension:400×400×500                    


Dimensions(cm)75*57*62;Packing size:85*67*72cm;Weight:60kg;Temperature set range:RT+5-65℃,Power consumption:550W,lnner dimension:500×400×750                     


Dimensions(cm)100*75*75;Packing size:110-85*85cm;Weight:70kg;Temperature set range:RT+5-65℃,Power consumption:750W,lnner dimension:520×460×1050                   

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