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Hot Air Oven feature use of mild steel sheet and duly powder coated outer body finish as well as inner chambers and perforated trays also made of stainless steel metal so as to provide for durable process support. The system also features mineral wool based filling between spaces of inner chamber and outer wall that provides for minimum thermal losses. Further, the presence of synthetic door gasket made of neoprene on double walled door as well as adjustable shelving provision also adds to the utility value of these systems. 

Features :

·         Hot air oven making use of dry heat for sterilizing of articles

·         Features thermostat based controls for temperature

·         Digitally controlled interface for maintaining of the temperatures

·         Features double-walled construction

·         System designed to hold in heat as well as bring reduction in energy output

·         Double walled construction with inside from stainless steel as well as outside made available in mild steel finish

·         Superior quality enamel paint as well as glass wool insulation support provided between two walls that provides for maximum thermal efficiency

·         Optimum mineral / glass wool / blanket insulation support that safeguards instrument surfaces from burning

·         Silent hot air blower support that provides for uniform air movement as well as improved temperature distribution

·         Featuring polished 304 grade stainless steel interior that provides for corrosion resistant usage as well as long lasting operation support

·         Adjustable shelving support for making more space for different heights

·         Offered with mineral wool insulation support

·         Thermostat based safety device support

·         Forced convection type system support

·         Digital temperature controller cum indicator support

Specifications :

Inner Size (WxDxH)

355mm x 355mm x 355mm 
455mm x 455mm x 455mm 
605mm x 605mm x 605mm 
605mm x 605mm x 910mm


45 L, 95 L, 224 L, 336 L

Heater Load

0.75 KW, 1.50 KW, 2.25 KW

No. Of Shelves

2, 3

Temperature Range

50°C - 250°C +/-2°C


Mineral Wool

Safety Device



Forced Convection System

Temperature Controller

Digital Temperature Controller Cum Indicator

Electrical Supply

220/230V AC, 50/60H

Applications :

·         Finding usage for dry heat to sterilize articles

·         Finding suitability in Hospitals and laboratories

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