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HT-9601 Particle Counter

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Part Number:HT-9601

1.Test particle size: 0.3µm/2.5µm/10.0µm 
2.Light source: Semiconductor lasers
3.Accuracy: ± 5% (HT-9601) 
4.Temperature range: 0~50? /32~122? 
5.Accuracy: ± 5% 
6.Humidity range: 0~100%RH 
7.Accuracy: ±2% RH 
8.Display: 320*240 2.8in LCD display 
09.Counting efficiency: 100±10%@0.5µm 
10.Sampling: Custom(1s~ 59min. 59s) 
11.Sampling frequency: 1~99/Continuous 
12.Alarm levels: 1~100,000(FED209E Standard) 2~9(ISO14464-1Standard) 
13.Test mode: Single/repeat/continuous/timer/Average 
14.Data Storage: 999
15.Operating environment: 5~45?, <90% RH 
16.Storage environment: -20~60?, < 90% RH

*It is generally used for cleanliness test of clean room and performance test of air cleaner as well as filter material and filter screen,which 
can provide precise value instead of approximate one for dust particle density . At present, it is gradually being used in particle measuring 
instrument, smart appliance as well as indoor air test of clean room and so on. It can be used in the following product.
•Air quality testing
•Indoor smog analyzing
•Hand-held particle testing.
•Air cleaner/air conditioner/air quality monitoring
•Venting equipment.

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