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Haemocytometer Set

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Part Number:HBG
HBG Haemocytometer Complete set in a plastic case consisting of:
  1. HBG Brightline counting chamber with double counting grid
  2. Haemocytometer cover glasses (Borosilicate) with thickness 0.4 mm 
  3. Each 1 blood diluting pipette HBG red and white two colour-marked silicone tubings 

Double improved Neubauer counting chamber designed for accurate counting of blood cells, platelets, dust/yeast clusters, and specimens in spinal and other fluids. Thin coating of rhodium on plateaus provides sharp contrast for the bright lines and cell, reducing user eyestrain and fatigue. Triple dividing lines clearly delineate counting area for accurate, reliable results. A “V” slash on each plateau facilitates charging and reduces possibility of overflow. Special polished glass chamber and cover glass assure precise capillary loading and even cell distribution. Molded from a single piece of thermal and shock resistant glass. Fluid volume capacity is 0.1mm3/mm2 and 0.00025mm3/over each square. The phase counting chamber is for use with a phase microscope.

*This product(s) resides on a MxRady Lab Solutions Pvt Ltd contract. To place an order, contact MxRady Lab Solutions Pvt Ltd Customer Service. Beware of the duplicate Haemocytometer set available in Market..

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