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KERRO Wood Moisture Meter Digital Device (KT-10)

Your Price: Rs.1,450.00
Part Number:KT-10


 1. The Digital Wood Moisture Meter measures moisture content with high accuracy and precision.
 2. It is a pin-type meter that is easy to use, It is handy and portable.
 3. It has an LCD display that allows easy reading.
 4. Range: 0-99.9%.
 5. Resolution: 0.1% .
 6. Accuracy: ± 0.5 %.
 7. Electrode Length: 10mm.
 8. Casing Material: ABS Plastic.
 9. Power Supply: 9V Battery (not included).
10. Package contents: 1 x Wood Moisture Meter.
11. Size: 145 x 67 x 32 mm/ Weight: 200g.
12. 1 x English User Manual.

Wood Moisture Meter Digital Device

The Wood Moisture Meter Digital Device is the perfect tool to add to your toolbox! Both pros and beginners can use it with ease. For those who are still unfamiliar with moisture meters, they are devices that measure water percentages in materials. Moisture content equates to the weight of waters inside a piece of wood. It means that when perfectly dry, the wood will shrink and lose that specific weight. The slightest moisture in wood materials can significantly change its strength and could affect your overall work.

Pin-Type Meter

The most common types of meters is a pin-type and a pinless one. This moisture meter is a pin-type digital device. Pin-type wood meters work by identifying the electrical resistance of electrodes in the wood. You would know that there is moisture present if it doesn’t resist electricity as much. Moisture allows power to flow more freely, and that’s why drier woods have high electrical resistance. To use it, stick the pins on its top to the material you wish to measure. You can do so for wood or paper materials.

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