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LARK Hollow Cathode Lamp "REGULAR & NEW Type"

Your Price: Rs.12,500.00
Part Number:P-95
  • HCL:LARK Hollow Cathode Lamps
  • Size: 1.5", Dia: 38mm, Length 160mm
  • Type:Uncoded, NEW Type
  • Compatibility:Single Element for All AAS except Perkin Elmer Systems

LARK Hollow Cathode Lamps (HCL) are discharge lamps designed for use in Atomic Absorption (AA) instruments. They consist of a cathode made from the element of interest, an anode and an inert filler gas contained in a glass envelope. Lark offers the widest selection of single- and multielement coded / non-coded in low and high-current, 37 mm and 50 mm lamps in the industry. LARK Hollow Cathode Lamps are available both for OEMs and as a replacement lamp by discerning users the world over. The range includes standard lamps and data-coded versions for PerkinElmer and ThermoFisher atomic absorption spectrometers. Lamps for use with Smith-Hieftje background correction can also be offered.

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