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Ideal for all water quality testing, water purification applications, waste water regulation, aqua culture, hydroponics, laboratory and scientific testing, pools & spas, ecology testing, colloidal silver, water treatment and more.


  • Measures total dissolved solids (TDS, mg/L), temperature (ºC) and Fahrenheit (ºC°F)
  • Pen type, portable and handheld  
  • Auto-hold function:- avoid to misreading and mis-recording
  • Auto-off function:- shuts off automatically after 85 seconds of non-use to conserve batteries
  • Display:- LCD screen
  • Factory calibrated:- pls recalibrated with professional advices
  • Clear the data to zero for each test


  • LCD display:- 11mm x 21mm
  • Power source:- CR2032 Battery, DC3V
  • Show TDS 0~9990ppm
  • Show temperature 0~99ºC & 32~212ºC
  • Accuracy: ºC± 2% for TDS, ºC±0.1ºC for temperature.
  • Resolution: 0-999ppm: 1ppm; 1000~9990ppm: 10ppm
  • Dimension:- 150 x 28 x 15mm
  • Weight:- 53g
  • Battery life:- 1000 hours continuous testing

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