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Quartz Rectangular Cuvette with Screw Cap

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Part Number:MCQ-744
Primary use: Absorbtion measurement in useable range
Clear windows: Two
Instrument: Can be used with spectrophotometers and colorimeters
Pathlengths: 10mm
Volume: 3.5ml
Cell Top: Screw cap with either tight sealing silicone rubber liner or septum
Septum specifications: Silicone rubber,non-coring, 12.55 diameter, 2.5mm thick
Material: Fused Quartz, Optical Glass & IR Quartz.
Physical Configuration: Standard window and Wall thickness see other dimensions on charts below

Path Length
Inside Width
ES Quartz Glass IR Quartz Glass Optical Glass
 56x12.5x12.5mm  10 10 3.5    MCQ-744      MCI-744      MCG-744

Also available in 4 side clear window for Flurometer.

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