Tintometer is a sort of visual shading estimating instrument. It estimates shading scale unit which is a globally recognized explicit shading technique as a norm to quantify the color of fluid, gelatin, strong, and powder tests. This Instruments has the highlights of straightforward design and helpful activity and frequently utilized in the shading estimations of various materials of oil, paint, plastic, jam material, texture, staple, fluid synthetic compounds, and drugs. Details: SPECIFICATIONS: Measuring Principles Visual, as far as global shading scale units Models Transmittance, reflectance Measurement Ranges 0.1-79.9 Red 0.1-79.9 Yellow 0.1-49.9 Blue 0.1-3.9 Neutral Resolution 0.1 shading scale unit Viewing System Fully Adjustable Light Source Incandescent Lamp Illuminant Approximates to Daylight Path Length Up to 180 mm The diffuse reflect the action of White Plate >80% The intensification of the magnifiers 1.9 X Weight (net) 12.5kg Overall measurements: 500mm×320mm ×130mm 

Tintometer Cuvette 

  • Exceptionally precise outcomes, just need to test one time. 
  • Fire Fused, guaranteeing the best optical clean without any imperfections. 
  • Each cell is completely reviewed before leaving the processing plant. 
  • Fire intertwined to guarantee the best holding. 
  • Various materials accessible: (Optical Glass, UV/ES Quartz) 
  • Two windows are optically cleaned. 

Top Material: Glass(normal), PTFE