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P-56 DT 1045 Count Down Timer

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DT-1045 ZET Digital Timer with Count Down/Count up with BIG Display and Loud Sound

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(99 minutes : 59 seconds Count up & Count down Timer) 

Model No.: DT-1045
Digi-Timer, Electronic interval timer with 4-digit-display for minutes and seconds,count-down-function with alarm when reaching "0", with magnet, 
for attachment on metal surfaces, with battery (AA x 1)


1. Countup and Countdown function The countdown time reaches 99 minutes 59seconds.
2. Attractive appearance and easy operation
3. There is magnet, Table support and spare hang in the back of the product
4. Sound Loud & Clear.
5. Big LCD Display
6. Very Low Price.

 Packing: Attractive Blister Pack

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